Closed or underground car parks are ventilated primarily to remove harmful substances which can be found in exhaust gases and provide fresh air. Ventilation is also necessary in the event of a fire. Its purpose is to remove hot smoke and thus make it easier to escape from the car park and facilitate the work of the fire department.

AFSECO offers the supply and installation of a comprehensive Garage Ventilation System (AFSECO CAR PARK SYSTEM), consisting of jet-fans working with exhaust fans, power supply and control panels, power supply cables, and components of the CO/LPG detection system.

The jet-fans vetilation system which we use for smoke extraction in underground garages is an alternative to conventional duct systems.

The jet-fan components uses a piston effect in which the smoke and fire gases are properly circulated throughout the entire garage from the inlet to the outlet (smoke extraction opening).

Traditional car park ventilation systems use exhaust fans and a system of ducts distributing air throughout the parking area. This solution is used to remove contaminated air as well as smoke.

The amount of ventilation air for car parks varies. Most often it is determined by the amount of air exchange, the intensity of ventilation per one parking space, or in a way that appropriately reduces the concentration of hazardous substances in the air. These values ​​are specified in the relevant building norms and are different for general ventilation (pollution) and emergency ventilation (smoke).

However, the location of the exhaust points in the system is not always perfect. Sometimes, fresh air is removed before it is contaminated or it becomes excessively contaminated. As a result, it may occur that during emergency operations fresh air will be removed rather than distributed in the parking lot.


The Afseco Parking Ventilation System utilises jet fans which work with the main smoke ventilators located most often on the roof or on the ground floor of the building, thus eliminating many of the problems associated with conventional duct systems.

The system uses the jet fans mounted on the ceiling of the car park, all over its surface, which control the flow of air.

These fans can produce air flow at both a low and high level, allowing to use the same air twice and manage it much more efficiently than traditional systems.

Jet-fan ventilation systems can also be used for residential garages, they work together with CO/LPG detection systems, and they dilute and remove hazardous gases.

The main advantages of jet-fans in relation to duct ventilation

  • Shorter installation time and less work.
  • In the event of a fire, the fans ensure lower temperatures of the fire gases, which reduces the extent of the damage.
  • The installation does not use ducts which take up space in the garage.
  • This solution eliminates problems with the hydraulic adjustment of the ventilation ducts.