We are a manufacturer of AFSECO JF fans dedicated to Garage Ventilation Systems, and we are also currently working on introducing our own smoke extraction fans.

We represent the British manufacturer of fans Nuaire and the Spanish manufacturer of fans CASALS on the Polish market.

Moreover, we offer a wide range of jet-fans, smoke extract, residential ventilation systems, and roof vents, dedicated to mechanical smoke extract systems.

Nuaire and Casals fans are known for their high parameters, very good quality, and modern look.

These fans possess all the necessary certificates and approvals required on the Polish market.

Afseco is also the official representative of BRAKEL in Poland, a leading European manufacturer of high-quality devices for natural smoke ventilation systems.

We offer a full range of products in the scope of hot gas extraction systems and compensation air supply, which consists of specialised smoke louvres, SHEV windows, and smoke flaps.